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Restaurant The View

Rue du Mont Passot


Nosy-Be 207

The View restaurant fully lives up to its name, a stunning view of the north coast of Nosy Be.
The kitchen is not left out .... after a few years in the restaurant business in Belgium with three restaurants under his belt, after two restaurants in Nosy Be, Eric can now afford to marry excellent local products such as fish, shellfish, meat etc... with flavours of spices and Malagasy plants. He was able to surround himself with an efficient and conscientious kitchen staff who took over the recipes that Eric developed.
The Sunday Buffet is incredible and is known to any resident, so it's up to you to discover it as

The Philosophy of The View Restaurant

Personnels du Restaurant The View

Les Vins

The View
Notre Philosophie
Les vins
Des produits naturels bien travaillés, des condiments et épices malagasy, des poissons frais du jour, des crustacés de premier choix, un zébu sans hormone font avec une touche de maîtrise une cuisine saine et gouteuse.

Deux chefs, l’un avec une formation de plusieurs années au service du propriétaire, l’autre ayant exercé dans un hôtel d’un groupe de renommée mondiale et ayant réalisé des stages de formations dans des hôtels 5* à l’Ile Maurice, s’associent en cuisine pour vous présenter des plats d’une finesse sans pareil.  La carte est renouvelée régulièrement tout en gardant les grands classiques qui font la réputation de l’établissement.  Le marché apporte également des suggestions journalières.

Point fort de la semaine, le Buffet du Dimanche.  Un buffet exceptionnel avec un choix incomparable d’entrées, de plats et de desserts.


Heures d'ouverture et de fermeture

  Resto:  - 12h-14h30

               - 19h-22h00

   BAR:   - 11h-22h00

The View Restaurant is available to organize your events, be it birthday, engagement, seminar, etc. Trust us your organization, our team will be very dedicated.

The Philosophy of The View


We are in a country where the breeding is not intensive, where the hens run, where the fish are fresh sins of the day, where we buy our crustaceans when the boat arrives, it is our duty to enjoy it and allow you to regain the freshness and quality of the products.
Vegetables are the most part from our vegetable garden or from a supply from Malagasy neighbours to whom we have supplied the seeds and to whom we guarantee a fixed purchase
price. Of course no chemical fertilizers, we practice permaculture. Our compost and the excrement of our pigs and zebus allows to feed the soil.

yes we raise two pigs that ingest all the consumable waste of the restaurant. They bring us a quality fertilizer but also a meat of all flavors during slaughter.
The fruits also come from our plantations.
Papayas, bananas, passion fruit, mangoes have been planted and are already producing. The avocados will produce within a few years.
We grow morangà, a tree with many virtues, leaves and flowers are found in some of our dishes. The mafana breds are also from our vegetable garden and bring this freshness and pungent in the Malagasy dish adeway named the "romazava"

Our staff is trained by us and for some housed and fed on the property.

An originality in the restaurant The View, Eric is also a wine retailer and therefore offers you access to his cellar.

No wine list in the restaurant, you will be invited to go down a few steps and choose in the cellar the wine that will please you or a wine to discover. The wines are counted at the "store price" and only a small cork fee is applied.

A few bottles can be served by the glass.

If the wine tasted is in line with the announced discovery, you can take one or more bottles home at the "store price".

Well-crafted natural products, malagasy condiments and spices, fresh fish of the day, crustaceans of first choice, a hormone-free zebu make healthy and tasty cuisine with a touch of control.

Two chefs, one with a training of several years in the service of the owner, the other having worked in a hotel of a world-renowned group and having completed training courses in hotels 5* in Mauritius, team up in the kitchen to present dishes of unparalleled finesse.

The menu is renewed regularly while keeping the classics that make the reputation of the establishment. The market also provides daily suggestions.

Highlight of the week, the Sunday Buffet. An exceptional buffet with an incomparable choice of starters, dishes and desserts.


Opening and closing hours

Resto : -12pm - 2.30pm

            - 7pm - 10pm

BAR :  - 11am - 10pm

The View Restaurant is available to organize your events, either birthday, engagement or seminar, etc. Entrust us your organization, our team will be very dedicated.

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